Crusher Dust

Crusher dust is very fine and is sometimes called tailings. It is very easy to walk on. It can also be used as the final layer between a crusher run and the top pavers or patio stones.

Best For:

  • Walkways
  • Bike trails
  • Paths
  • Top pavers
  • Patio stones


Here are some frequently asked questions about crusher dust:

What is crusher dust?

Crusher dust is a fine, powdery material that is a byproduct of the rock crushing process. It is made up of small, angular rock particles.

What is crusher dust used for?

Crusher dust is commonly used as a base material for paving, landscaping, and construction projects. It can be used as a filler, binder, or stabilizing agent.

What are the benefits of using crusher dust?

- Cost-effective alternative to other aggregates

- Provides a stable, compacted surface

- Helps bind and stabilize soil or gravel

- Allows for good drainage

- Resistant to weed growth

How do I install crusher dust?

Crusher dust is typically spread and compacted in layers. The depth can vary depending on the application, but is usually 2-4 inches. It should be tamped or rolled to create a firm, even surface.

What is the difference between crusher dust and sand?

Crusher dust is made from crushed rock, while sand is a naturally occurring material. Crusher dust tends to be more angular and coarse than typical construction sand.