MVQS Turf Grass SOD

At Musquodoboit Valley Sod, Kentucky Bluegrass is their most popular variety of lawn sod, it is a thriving cool season grass which produces a high-quality lawn with a moderate level of maintenance!

  • Resilient root system resulting in increased density, patch filling and LESS WEEDS!
  • Reasonable resistance to shaded areas and drought.
  • Acceptable mowing height from 1” to 3” for ideal look and feel.
  • For great performance a healthy mix of water and sun is required.
  • Excellent winter hardiness, growing into a natural dark green colour throughout spring and summer!

Delivery Available!*

Available for pick up in Hammonds Plains, contact our office for your next quality sod purchase?

Price Per Pallett: $180.00 + HST (450sqft - 90 SOD)

Price Per Piece: $2.50 + HST (5 sqft each)

Pallet Deposit (Refundable): $25.00

Landscaper pricing available call for quote!

*some conditions apply for deliveries

Quality Kentucky Blue Grass

Only the highest quality strains of Kentucky Blue!

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