Top Dressing Compost



This product is a blend of 80% compost and screened with a sand/soil mixture. It can be used to add to an existing garden to increase your level of nutrients in the soil. It was also designed to enrich existing lawn soils by placing a very thin layer over your lawn and allowing the goodness of the compost to sink into the soil to give your lawn's roots a boost.

Best For:

  • Increasing garden nutrients
  • Enrich existing lawn soils


What is top dressing compost?

Top dressing compost refers to the practice of applying a thin layer of finished compost on top of soil, lawns, or garden beds. This helps to improve soil quality, fertility, and moisture retention.

Why should I top dress with compost?

Top dressing compost provides the following benefits:

- Adds nutrients to the soil to feed plants

- Improves soil structure and texture

- Increases water-holding capacity of the soil

- Encourages beneficial soil microorganisms

- Helps suppress weeds by blocking light

When is the best time to top dress with compost?

The best times to top dress with compost are:

- Early spring before plants start growing

- Fall after plants have finished their growing season

- Any time you want to give your lawn, garden, or potted plants a nutrient boost

How much compost should I apply?

For lawns, apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch of compost. For gardens and flower beds, apply 1/2 to 1 inch. Spread the compost evenly over the soil surface.

What type of compost should I use?

Use a high-quality, finished compost that is dark, crumbly, and earthy-smelling. Avoid compost that is still actively decomposing (steamy).

How do I apply top dressing compost?

Spread the compost evenly over the soil surface using a shovel or compost spreader. Then gently work it into the top inch or two of soil with a rake.