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How to use Landscaping Mulch and Benefits

How to use Landscaping Mulch and Benefits

For most home owner, landscaping mulch is use to beautify their yard, but it does a lot more. Here a few benefits that come from proper mulch application.

  • It helps maintain the moisture in the root zone by reducing evaporation. This would result in healthier plant/trees and lower water bills.
  • Helps control the weeds, creating a beautiful yard with a lot less effort.
  • Mulching can also improve soil fertility and soil structure over time and can act as an insulator, keeping the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Mulching can also help increase efficiency in mowing / maintenance by creating better flow around trees and flowers gardens instead of around corners. It can also be used to make beautiful transition between a grassed area and the forest.

Basics of proper mulching

  • Insure that drainage around area to be mulched is proper and that you will not create a drainage issue once the mulch is in place.
  • For flower gardens, apply mulch in a 2-4 inch layer to create a nice uniform blanket over the bed in order to maximize the benefit of the mulch.
  • For trees, it is preferable to mulch area as wide as the tree drip. Place mulch in a 2-4 inch layer and keep away from the tree trunk or stems so the trunk is fully exposed.
  • For borders (no plants or trees) you can use filter fabric under the mulch or place a thicker layer (6inches) of mulch. This would reduce the maintenance and would keep your yard beautiful for a longer period of type.

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